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Yet One More Plot to Show US's Race Inequality!

A short tutorial that shows the growing difference in student debt among the major three races in the US.

Animated plot is a great way to show a trend. In this tutorial I looked into the students debt data that came from TidyTuesday. Using an animated line graph I will show how student loan has grown disproportionately among the three major three races in the US.

The Myths, Not So Myths, and Truths about Data Science

What to stay out of and look out for in your Data Science learning journey.

Data Science has been one of the most talked-about job positions out there, yet it is one of the most illusory ones among the job seekers; honestly, to some recruiters too! Looking back to my more confused newbie self and talking to many in the same state, I thought I would take a shot at it and try to debunk some myths or maybe validate some!

Who's Missing?

Writing a Python utility function to calculate feature wise missing values.

This is mostly a tutorial about how to write utility functions in Python. We will use finding out missing values as a use case. Also I will use RStudio as the IDE to demonstrate Python codes. So I will leverage Reticulate package to use both Python and R.

Have R Look After Your Stocks!

Use R to check stock prices for you and notify you.

If you like to dabble in the stock market as a side hustle or just out of sheer curiosity, you may have faced the dilemma of how frequently you should check your stock price. The on and off checking of price can be a real productivity killer. This tutorial will show you how you can do that constant price checking using R and have it send you a message when something interesting happens!

Automatically Build Data Tables from US Census Survey!

Augment tidycensus function to automatically collect Census Bureau data.

This is a tutorial that demonstrates some basic to somewhat advanced steps of writing functions in R in the context of a real life project. I used tidycensus package to collect census data, added a wrapper function to enhance functionality of the out of the box functions, showed how to use tryCatch functionality to add fallback functionality to a function.