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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m Arafath Hossain. I am a data scientist by profession, and a curious soul by nature. Currently I’m working for a public university in a small beautiful twin city called Bloomington-Normal in Illinois, US.

My primary areas of interest in Data Science are predictive modeling, and causal inferences. I love to make the bridge between data science and the business users through building data science focused applications! Before moving into Data Science, I worked in market research and product management. My business background helps me to see a problem from the business users’ point of view and then use my technical capabilities to tie in their business need with the solution.

While not working or spending my time dabbling into new and exciting areas of Data Science, I enjoy traveling, catching fish, watching movies, and watching documentaries on random topics! Also, I spend a lot of time in LinkedIn connecting and interacting with people. So if you are in LinkedIn feel free to connect with me here or if you are an emailing kind of person drop me an email at !