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Automatically Build Data Tables from US Census Survey!

Augment tidycensus function to automatically collect Census Bureau data.

This is a tutorial that demonstrates some basic to somewhat advanced steps of writing functions in R in the context of a real life project. I used tidycensus package to collect census data, added a wrapper function to enhance functionality of the out of the box functions, showed how to use tryCatch functionality to add fallback functionality to a function.

Is that Red Wine Good Enough?

Predicting sample wine quality using binary classification model.

This is a tutorial prepared for the marketing analytics students of a business undergraduate program. The goal was to introduce them to the basic workflow of predictive modeling and demostrate how they can document their projects.

Automate Your Repetitive Reports!

Automating a task using R and windows task manager.

R can be used as a great tool to automate your repeat works such as: refreshing a report everyday based on new data or running some ETL process and storing the data in Data Base. In this article I will show how to automate a report creation and communication by using R and Windows scheduler.

Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis on Tweets

What people talk about and how they feel about what they say.

Twitter is a popular source for minning social media posts. In this article I harvested tweets that had mention of "Bangladesh", my home country and ran two specific text analysis: topic modeling and sentiment analysis.